Sharpener Knife


1. A variety of knives are applicable

2. Easy and quick grinding, just a few seconds, blunt knife is renewed

3. V-shaped double-sided opening. Made of high-hardness tungsten steel alloy, it can easily grind out steel shavings, quickly shape and repair the cutting edge, suitable for blunt knife repair

4. The handle is comfortable to hold. Ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold and easy to operate

5. Compact and portable, convenient to store and use at any time

Note: Please use it carefully according to the sharpening tutorial. Do not let children touch and play. This product is not suitable for sharpening axes, serrated knives, pedicure knives, butcher knives, and notched knives. Please use a soft brush to clean the sharpening edge after sharpening. The iron filings cannot be wiped with fingers to avoid injury.


Feel comfortable

Fast sanding

Multi-tool applicable

Sleek handle design

Portable storage

Package Included:

1*knife sharpener



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