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Name: household sweeping robot cleaning machine

Color: white, black, pink

Rated voltage: 5V

Power mode: USB


1. Large suction, strong suction winding hair, quickly clean the ground, deep cleaning winding hair

2. Easy to deal with, a variety of floor materials, easy to clean a variety of floor materials, to deal with a variety of home environment

3. Clean the blind area and protect the health of the family

4. The bottom of the bed and the bottom of the sofa are the gathering places of mosquitoes and dust mites, which threaten the health of the family at all times. With it, the health of the whole family can be protected.

5. Self-planning routes to ensure that the cleaning will not run, even in complex environments, but also efficient cleaning

6. Light and thin body, easy to deal with most of the scene, 5.4cm light and thin body, random access to every corner of the furniture

Package Included:

  • 1 * Sweeper
  • 2 * side brush
  • 1 * mop
  • 1 * Charging line
  • 1 * Cleaning brush
  • 1 *


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